Bestiaire d’amour by Richard de Fourneval

Richard de Fournival, a cleric at Amiens, wrote the Bestiaire d’Amour in the middle thirteenth century. The text, a lover’s plea for an unattainable lady’s affection, is written in French prose, and it appropriates the allegorical tales of bestiaries — which typically illustrate Christian precepts — to support the lover’s own arguments about courtly love. A popular text, theBestiaire appears in nineteen manuscripts, most of which are elaborately illuminated. The two manuscripts listed below were copied in northern Italy between the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries and represent a unique Italian recension, which continues with additional tales and contains a conclusion different from Fournival’s original.

Representative Manuscripts

New York, Pierpont Morgan, MS M. 459. A full description of this manuscript is provided by the Pierpont Morgan Library.

Florence, Laurentian Library, Cod. Ashburnhamiani, Fondo Libri 50.


Jeanette Beer, trans., Master Richard’s Bestiary of Love and Response (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1986). This translation does not include additional material from the Italian recension.

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Summary by Michael Diaz de la Portilla.