Huon d’Auvergne

Although the story varies in the different manuscripts, it is essentially the tale of the adventures of Huon d’Auvergne. His first adventure, not present in all versions, involves an older married woman, Sofia, who has fallen in love with Huon and who, in light of the rejection of her advances, accuses the hero of attempted rape. The episode concludes with the hero’s vindication and Sofia’s punishment for the false accusation. The second episode is Dantean in its structure, involving the hero’s descent into hell to extract a tribute from Satan after he is sent there by Charles Martel, who has fallen with Yvain, Huon’s wife. In some versions, the work concludes with the narrative of the Sarracen seige of Rome The infidels are ultimately expelled by the French, whose noble efforts save both the pope and the city


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