Joufroi de Poitiers

Joufroi de Poitiers is a thirteenth-century romance centered around Joufroi, a young knight who at the beginning of the story rises to the title of Count of Poitiers at the death of his father. Inspired by a desire for adventure and love, he sets off on a quest to win the hand of the most beautiful woman in the world, Agnès of Tonnerre, who sits imprisoned in a tower by her jealous husband. Disguising himself as a knight know as the Sire de Cocagne, Joufroi engages in tournament and hosts lavish feats in order to eventually win the attention and love of Agnès.

The text continues with the heros adventures across England and France, a large portion of which depends on the Roman de Flamenca. The only manuscript of the Joufroi is in Copenhagen and is written in a fourteenth-century Italian hand.


Copenhagen, KB, Gl. kgl. saml. 3555, 8°


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Secondary Literature

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