Le Restor du Paon by Jean le Court, dit Brisbare

Written in the first quater of the fourteenth century, Le restor du paon is a continuation of Jacques de Longuyon’s poem the Voex du Paon, which is in itself an addendum to the Roman d’AlexandreScholars have noted the strong didactic tone in the Restor as opposed to the two other works upon which it depends.

The Restor exists in sixteen extant manuscripts, and follows the Voex du Paon in all of these instances (the Voex du Paon exists in a total of thirty-four manuscripts, and does therefore not always precede the Restor). The sole Italian manuscript witness to the Restor is a collection which brings together these three texts, the Roman d’Alexander, the Voex du Paon and the Restor du Paon, in one codex.


Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fr. 12567


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