Le Roman d’Alexandre en vers

Comprising some 16000 lines in most of its redactions, the Roman d’Alexandre is a biographical romance that follows its eponymous hero’s life from his birth until his death through a series of cyclic stories.

This medieval tradition is well represented in Italy, where three manuscripts and a fragment of the verse tradition survive, which include examples of well know Alexandre stories, including Alexandre en Orient and Mort Alexandre.


Parma, Biblioteca Nazionale, 1206
Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, ms. 3472
Venice, Museo Civico VI, 665
Lugo, Biblioteca Communale (fragment; mid 14th)


The Medieval French Alexander ‘Roman d’Alexandre’. I: Text of the Arsenal and Venice Versions, ed. Milan S. La Du (Princeton: Princeton University Oressm 1937).

Secondary Literature

Paul Meyer, “Étude sur les manuscrits du Roman d’Alexandre,” Romania 11 (1882), 249-250; 258-260; & 319.