Raimbaut de Vaqueiras

A self-described dear friend of his patron, Boniface of Montferrat, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (c. 1180 – c. 1205) was a Provençal troubadour and knight who resided at a number of Italian courts before joining Boniface in the Fourth Crusade. He had accompanied Boniface on a number of other military excursions, including Emperor Henry VI’s invasion of Sicily in 1194. Among his twenty-six poems are cansos, a bilingual Provençal and Italian tenso with a female persona, a multilingual descort (with stanzas alternating in Old French, Gascon, Galician, Italian, and Provençal), and an epic letter to Boniface relating his (Boniface’s) many adventures. Eight associated melodies surivive.

Known Work

See The Complete Works of Raimbaut de Vaqueiras.


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Secondary Literature

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Summary by Michael Diaz de la Portilla