Peire de la Caravana (aka Cavarana)

Peire de la Caravana was an Italian-born poet writing in Occitan at the end of the twelfth century. Few of his sirventes survive, and he is best known for the Guelph poem “D’un serventes faire,” arguably the earliest Occitan poem by a native Italian, which calls the Lombard cities to arms against the German emperor. This poem has usually been dated to 1194 or 1195, although some scholars argue for a date as early as 1157. Despite ties to the Sardinian court of Barisone II of Arborea, as indicated by this famous poem’s dedication, little is known of Peire’s biography.


“D’un serventes faire,” fifty-seven lines dedicated to the senhal Malgrat-de-totz.


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Summary by Michael Diaz de la Portilla